The Spring Institute for Forests on the Moon

Spreading life to the stars.

Nothing is as scarce in this universe, or as beautiful, as life. We want to put the celebration of life at the center of space exploration. Through high technology, cutting-edge science, and an emphasis on equity and inclusion, we are planting the seeds today for tomorrow’s forests on the Moon.

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The Roadmap

January 2024
Step 1

Send the SCAMPI Project to the International Space Station

March 2024
Step 2

Launch Terrarium Cubesat into orbit around Earth

May 2025
Step 3

Detect water ice in lunar regolith to determine potential landing sites

August 2027
Step 4

Build closed environment forest on Earth with in-situ materials

July 2028
Step 5

Trial first Closed Ecological Life Support System design on space station

February 2030
Step 6

Plant the first seeds of a forest on the moon

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