Winners of the Lunar Life Odyssey Challenge!

November 26, 2023 Megi Kass
Winners of the Lunar Life Odyssey Challenge!

Exciting news! Our Lunar Regolith Bio-Remediation Experiment has landed 1st place in the Lunar Life Odyssey challenge, an initiative by NASA and Jacob’s Space Exploration Group, hosted by HeroX. This competition revolved around addressing inherent challenges related to exploring the solar system moving to, from and around the moon. Challenges associates to this are among others:

  • Reduction of supplies sent from earth
  • Reliability for secure communication systems
  • Protection from radiation
  • Damage from lunar lust

To address challenges related to sustainable space exploration and habitation, our experiment aims to create quality soil at low cost using lunar regolith, a resource readily available on the moon. By amending the regolith with desiccated algae and plant-growth promoting fungi, we aim to kickstart the soil genesis process and create high-quality lunar soil that not only supports plant growth but also has versatile applications, including air filtration, carbon sequestration, food production, and water retention.

Read more about our the lunar regolith bio-remediation experiment here.